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Some of the stuff showin around as what I've been doing lately!
Oh hey everyone, sorry I haven't really talked much lately.~
My mind's just been a little off haha, but no need to worry!

Juuuust a few little personal worries and emotional conundrums, but hey for someone who's still scared of everyone that they trust and fearful of friends new and old, that's doing pretty well! (I hope)
A bit paranoid these days, though that's not new. Always worried about being an indefinite temporary platform to the next step up whilst wondering when it'll be that I'll find myself whisked off by those who are willing to walk my path alongside their own, but ah well~

So to those new friends and other friends who I always say 'I'll talk soon!' and then am quiet, I really am sorry- I really do want to talk! A lot! I'm just terrified to a little and not sure what to say sometimes. I'm getting better at it though so it won't be an inconvenience long. It's a long work in progress.

But! Enough about me and my weird little fears that I'm obviously not letting on about, because I'm sure you were all dragged here (those of you reading- thanks for dropping by and taking the time, if you are! Always means a lot to me) wondering what the heck I meant by 'Random Noodle o' Projects'.

Personal writing! Stories! Maybe novels in the works- Visual novels, and comics! Video-game design concepts!!
Tries to make this sound more exciting than it really is with a lot of exclamation points!!!!!

Okay should I just shut up and share? Okay pff sure.

The Deep

The Overworlders and the Deep never really got along as it were- an unspoken distrust laced with theory and jumping around the thin lines of war and peace. Each kept to their own side, their own god, their own worlds, intertwined though they were. But the Overworlder's head Church has decided that too little power is too much for the Deep, and as such, they have taken reign over political strides, decimating churches of the Deep and incredibly religious focal points for the people. The unanimous idea between the rest of the world that has a say that this is literally the worst thing to do for anyone is ignored entirely, and as such head of the mages guild, the Knowledged has sent his right hand, Golias, to do his bidding and gather a party to stop the destruction of the last of the Deep's 'archangels', the Ancient known as Lucelia. 

With his oddball group of the white mage and librarian Archimedes, the nomad centaur Julien, the harpy-sphinx 'diva of the Deep' Calypso, and the mutt of a demon with ulterior motives Mordecai, Golias the battlemage is in for an adventure from hell, quite literally, to stop the fate of the world.

(This will be updated as more stories come trickling in that I remember what to write on but that's the main one I remember that I've been working on for a long time)

If anyone knows or remembers Caim, yes it is still under my copyright but no it is not in current use, nor will it be for a while until I can easily mentally come back to pick it up again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Poke-boy's Stories

Some little short stories about my beloved pokemon ocs.~

Iudicael's Tale

Everyone knows Cael is full of himself, pompous, a huge ladies man, and the famous 'Prince Iudicael' of the boy-band Eledance- head singer and major flirty heart-throb among fans. He flirts, he strings both men and women along, and ultimately breaks their hearts and moves on without seemingly a care. Yet, he's also the same man who has a fierce loving devotion to his pokemon, and shows a devout loyalty to friends in his odd, slightly warped ways.

But does anyone know who the man is behind all the fashion and glamour and paparazzi? Who has seen him for who he really is- or how he really feels- or if he's really putting on a front at all? A look at life behind Iudicael's eyes.

Zan's Engagement

Before Zan met Lucas, he was a brilliant trainer of mixed use, who dominated in the colosseum that he had first entered years ago. As the champion he held a permanent position, a well paying job and steady life style. When he got engaged to his boyfriend of five years, Lucas, he thought he had it made- the happiest life he could have. Until that is, Lucas attempted to kill Zan, via drowning him with his eevee, Angel. The two barely survived, under some pretty amazing circumstances....this is the detailed telling of the story that Zan tells no-one.

Tobias' Diagnosis

The steel type gym leader is cold, ruthless, and his pokemon seem to be the ones that hold all his emotions. He's bottled up, but he works harder as a trainer than almost anyone...even through his current difficulties breathing. He hasn't felt right for a few weeks, and lately it seems to be a slight drag upon his health in general. How Tobias Pendragon dealt with the news of being diagnosed with Idiomatic Pulmonary Fibrosis. How will he ever tell Elliot...?

Saibh's Grief

Nobody ever really noticed that there was a couple of things off, both about Saibh and his pidgeot Calausio. Both were crippled..neither could fly as they once did or function as good as their age. Both hide a deep pain that is almost unbearable, from horrible memories from long ago that neither will ever forget.

How Calausio saved Saibh's life, and how Saibh saved Calausio's, through the eyes of two veterans that barely made it physically out of a war they should never have been in...and how neither made it out emotionally, or mentally.

Hemlocke's Accident

Only one man among men knows just how frail the seemingly bored, cold team leader of Team Pragma's health really is. Everyone else sees a confident man who does not back down or give up, who leads with his convincing words and devilish smile, as well as his merits in battle.

Hemlocke is dying of poison, and nearing his death with each failed attempt at experimenting into antidotes. But how did he get poisoned in the first place? How did this come about- why wasn't it dealt with immediately? A flashback into the fateful day of Hemlocke's equally fateful accident. 

Kealoha's Garden

The disdainful fairy-type trainer is often brash, rude...and modest, coming from his less-than-dirt poor family. He's worked hard all his life to keep up with the expenses of living, while his family struggles to make ends meet so as not to make him worry. He doesn't mind, he'd rather take care of them than watch the people who raised him struggle so horribly along, even if they are happy in their simple lives.

But even the hardest working honest men have secrets, and Kealoha is no exception- and sometimes, a man works himself a little too hard and becomes a little too stressed to keep up with it all. He snaps, he says things he doesn't mean...and he needs an escape. For Kealoha this escape is a beautiful flower garden that he cultivated, cared for and raised all to himself and his pokemon ever since he first moved from his parents' home. 

Tai's Procedure


Tai Chii is not a kung-fu master. Not even remotely. What he is, is a man from gentle-bred parents who own a bakery- in fact, they live above it, and he smells like the bakery that his family works in from dawn to dusk. But he is not a baker either. He's a brilliant mind with a very deep skill-set for science, math, and medicine, and does, in fact, work in Surgery at a large hospital in Zehei. 

People don't give the sweet man enough credit for what he does, particularly with bedside manner, but a glance into a day at his job during some particularly hazardous times can clear that up incredibly quickly. He's simply one of the best they have.

Jacque's Gameplay


For a man who's supposed to be dead, Jacques sure has an interesting method of staying alive. He requires screams- Giratina made him this deal. He has a long life ahead of him as a monster, some ghoul, beast...freak... unless he gets screams. What the legendary (unfortunately) did not specify was how. And as such, the man lives out his life in a fairly 'haunted' looking mansion...

Playing videogames for a living- but not just any. Horror games. Horror genre anything- books, games, movies, battle... it all works- he's a man who lives in vague terror of himself- and it is his own screams that give him such life. Too bad his newest horror game will be played alone...

Ezequiel's Challenge

It's a wonder that Zeke is even still the champion of the Zehei region- the man is a total junkie. And by junkie, he has selective eating disorder and refuses literally to eat anything but that which is bad for him. On the other hand, he must be doing something right, because his physique is amazing, and his health seems pretty alright too. Yet for all the eccentricity of the man, his team is something to be feared as he hasn't been defeated yet... (Then again- the elite four leave everything to be feared.)

However, sometimes he does get challengers- and when he does, especially when they aren't on championship rules ('just for recreation' as he says), Ezequiel shows that deep down, he became Champion for a reason. And that isn't something to scoff at.

Concetto's Song


He went to the classes, he studied his heart out, and he did everything right. He's got a chance to be a new professor, gets to travel with his best friend, and for now, he still gets to follow his passion as a bar-singer at a local dive that is a favorite among those in town.

But on his nights off and some days when he leaves Umbra to do the lazy thing, Connie is nowhere to be seen. He isn't at the bar, he isn't at the pokemon center or camp or the hotel or wherever Umbra is. But sometimes, you just gotta belt it all out when nobody can hear you.

Kostya's Discovery


After years of trying to find his way, held up by no-one but himself and nothing but his own dreams and work, Kostya had become an archeologist who was due to find his way in the world. He even made top researcher and ended up head of a team that was set to recreate and make an entire underground Journey to the Center of the Earth-esque world filled with these said ancient fossils and ancient ancestors of modern pokemon brought back to life through groundbreaking revival methods that replace more outdated ones- methods that Kostya Nurish himself came up with.

He only has a couple of pokemon with him- his beloved Heliolisk and his old-time partner, his Aerodactyl... A co-worker gave him his Armaldo as a fossil when he started the job- but now it's time that with this new life ahead of him, Kostya find his first major discovery...

Hal's Deal


Hallr has a very certain disability that only very certain and few people know about. Even less people know why he has this disability or how he has it, only that he does, and the reason he does seems a bit dubious.

This is a story that takes us a bit back in time to a time when Hallr walked completely enabled- and the events in his life that led up to the deal he made with some incredibly powerful beings, and the price he paid to make it happen so long ago in a decision he would likely live with his entire life.

Junpei's Origins


The amnesiac battler with an abnormally strong team and a penchant for double battles? A man who travels aimlessly to these new gyms to test his mettle and see where it'll take him? A man with no past, no identity, and no idea of who he is or why he's there?

Who was Jun, before he lost everything he was? Where did this man come from, why was professor Sakura so fearful upon meeting him, so scared? So knowledgeable? Find out here- in Junpei's Origins.

The Twin's Split


The passionate heartthrob with his heart on his sleeve and his temper in his eyes joined team Aqua with a vengeance, fiery and angry, to prove his brother wrong once and for all.
The analytic and careful intellectual, antisocial and almost invisible, joined team Magma with a mission, cold, icy, and desperate, to stop his twin from making a mistake that would ruin his life.

Both boys came from a less than desiring family- not that they didn't love them, they just...didn't love the law. They promised to be different, they tried to be right...and to prove each other so wrong. But what caused the split that set the motion of both boys' destinies into action? Why did Satoru break off all contact and rivalry with Irie to join a team that he had only heard of within that same week?
Main Art Projects:

4 Works in 4 Weeks:
    - AP Studio project, 4 art pieces of varying mediums in 4 weeks, not meant to be scrutinized over but to expand new horizons.

Work 1: Something you love
Done in tetrachromatic purple, teal and orange, a large paper canvas cut to look like an open fairytale, within drawn three characters made of organic shapes, monochrome one in each color, one sharp edged, one all soft and one a mix medium, with finer details drawn in over the monochrome copic with a black ink. Meant to imitate the edges of reality and dream in friendship and companions in the adventures that they weave together, different though they are bound by their bonds, as if in a videogame or fairytale.

Work 2: Something you hate
Not going to go into what this is actually going to be or representing for deep knowledge of the controversial fight of a mess it would cause, but it is done with composite materials such as cardboard, driftwood and extra unused wood, fabric, wire, beads, leftover paint, etc. for a different tactile approach.

Work 3: Something you run away from / Your Fate
Done in a tri-fold, bent to be like a cell around a large posterboard as the back and basis of the art. The posterboard will be filled with intense colors and vibes, each telling a different story or phrase or fear or pain, each style clashing with another for the conflicting pieces of heart and mind. Trifold cut and set to appear as if to be cell walls, the main door able to be opened or closed to look into what appears to be the prison set of the fear inside of the human mind.

Work 4: Something you Dream of
Did this as four panels set side by side to represent different seasons, spring summer autumn and winter, each with a corresponding colour palette in watercolours. Each will depict the same character in different parts or pieces of their life that they find most important to them (myself) each with a slightly different dream or fantasy-like spin to them.

Story of My Life:
    - Looking currently for an old book to do this out of
    -Tales or stories of things I've recently gone through over the last few years written out purely in art form, not a single word written by hand, all done on either all small canvases meant to make up a bigger picture, or more likely in a smaller book able to be read and interpreted differently by anyone that picks it up.

    -Character Reference Sheets (So many, I'll get there eventually)
    -Blog talk sprites (//nervously sweats at the progress made there)

And hey anyone and everyone who made it this far and read all this- thanks for sticking through that boring wall of text! I really truly appreciate it from my heart; you rock, watchers! Keep on being fabulous, and take my deepest gratitudes as always with you!

Your friend,
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