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Some of the stuff showin around as what I've been doing lately!


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Dropbox for commissions. Nothing else! ^^

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•Forget Me Not [70%]

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•Fairy [63%]
•Zenjo Bust Digital [63%]
•Zenjo Fullbody Digital Color [81%]
•Digital Halfbody [100%]
•Headshot Medi and Myrnin [100%]
•Headshot [100%]
•Headshot [100%]


•Grub batch 2 [55%]
•Grub batch 3 [55%]
•Auction 1 [72%]
•Auction: Color scheme: yellow. Mood: bitchiness. Theme: the time we cannot meet. [0%]
•Auction 3: 'My hopes are with the dead' [0%]
•Auction 4: 'You who never felt it' [0%]
•Fantroll Auction Batch [10%]


•Troll References [65%]
•RP Scene [0%]
•Ancestors [10%]

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◻ Ruhkan Geruda
◻ Domick Ruthan
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◻ Sennik Yappen
◻ Englia Solera
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◻ Miquos Velnio
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◻ Achila Zrelys
◻ Mantos Velnio
◻ Karage Xelfis
◻ Elryck Chakri
◻ Telmiz Einoux
◻ Shàryn Verenn
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bleh....i feel kinda sick. both physical and heart. but for me that's very normal anyway. here's to another day, same as always. and happy birthday to my sis XxM3hPandiexX

...So... I've Got Some News.

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 7:49 PM

usin my tablet, about five minutes from for the first time having freetime in who knows how long, finishing commissions. and my tablet.
now i know the last three or so times i've gotten to use it since school started its been weird and i've had to wiggle it to get the cord to work and have it even turn on.
...and then it stopped. won't turn on. doesn't matter how i wiggle it.

so i called Wacom. and yeah that port is broken. MIGHT be repairable. might. 
it'll get sent in really soon. but it will be up to 3 months before i get it back.
so that. it. sucks. kind of a lot. ...yeah.

I Feel Like I Keep Spamming Journals

Sat Sep 13, 2014, 5:03 PM

and for that i apologize...but ah...

i'm sort of going to go on a more permanent hiatus/disappear thing...?
i've seen some pretty nasty stuff on the internet lately, especially regarding myself and a few close friends. they got bullied on blog sites like tumblr, on those hate blogs and stuff... and i got indirectly involved in it, though i'm more worried about her, since her main was on there.....

but i also looking around, found my own art and oc's on there.....and this isn't the first time it's happened. and they had the tags "why would you do this" and "kill it"...and to say to kill my may as well have told me to just go kill myself instead..and that's how i'm treating it...because my characters mean more to me than anything, really...they're like my very children, even if they aren't...technically real. problem is, this isn't the first time it's happened either.

i've gotten a lot of shit about my characters. especially back when i first created my albino. this is before they were popular you see...and i got a lot of shit and bulled about it...but soon enough about a month and a half later they were suddenly the popular thing....but...i still got bullied for it a lot. she has a wonderful matesprit now and her moirail but i still just...i hurt a lot from those days, and she was the one indirectly involved in my friend's bullying again..

so i think i'm just going to sort of take a break and step back...just get involved with school activities.. kinda just leave the field a bit. i'll upload my commissions of course, two are done, i just need to finish the third... otherwise i just sort of need to back up and take a break. be done for a bit.... 

sorry to anybody this inconveniences. i just can't take much more shit right now.

Did I Already Mention...

Sat Sep 6, 2014, 4:57 PM

I don't know if I said anything but I'm on hiatus now due to school. I might upload stuff on weekends now. Maybe.

The only three things I'm uploading in the next three days are commissions that I've been meaning to get done for a long while. I'm sorry I didn't get them done earlier and feel terrible.

Otherwise- FFXIV is awesome and you all should go play it. and that's all!

New Collaborations!!!!

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 11:30 AM


so! I've got news!

:iconanimosityarisen::iconxxm3hpandiexx: are making a collab account together!
We're pretty close friends you see, and a lot of our art revolves around each other.
So! For those stories, and art, and anything else that involves both of us, we were gonna maybe start posting to the new account! I know some of y'all don't really read my journals- maybe her's will get read.... but if you like her art and if you like my art, I'd really appreciate it a ton if when we start the account up you guys might show it some love, even though there's not much on there quite yet!

Collab: Lao Tong! [Click here]

Things to be Moved:

--We Are the Subjects of Experimentation [A collab between her and I, will be moved!]
--I Told You I'm A Passionate Lover [Ship art between us! It's gonna scoot!]
--FFXIV Biographies [Joint work between us both!]
--The Kraken [This is on her account, but it will be posted there!]
--Most Fanfics!


She's an amazing artist and doesn't give herself enough credit… if you would… I really, really appreciate if you lovely wonderful folks would drop by and give her some of your love. Thanks!

Right here guys.

That's all for now folks, thank you for reading if you did!

Final Note!

Here's what's gonna be on the account!

*NOTE* Yes…. I do say canon. Why? Because we made our entire own story, own AU…. in which Andrew Hussie's homestuck did not happen. Our own Alternia, if you will! Of course they're just fantrolls but it still means a lot to us, to have written such a world and so much lore!

Ancestral Bounds:

Ancestral Bounds are the ancestors to Quizz and my own's canon Trolls. Part of a world in the brink of despair, a lone group among hundreds of those led to their demise, stands up against the Tyranny of the 'Beloved'. They're called the Riposte, and though they may be bitten down over and over again, forever shall they stand strong! Among them lies the Prince of a long lost kingdom from an Empress very long before… a kingdom where the hemospectrum didn't matter. A kingdom known as Wohlstand. Also among them are hostages taken from the Beloved's highest soldiers themselves, the White Riders of Alternia! And of course…. we aren't without our villains, in the form of slave trades, pirates, and horrible facilities hellbent on breaking trolls. This is the world they live in…. the world of Alternia.

Parea Nakama:

Centuries long past, the Ancestors finally laid to rest…. do we find our new heroes to this history of the Ancestral Bounds. They're known as the Parea Nakama, and they're our modern day, no-war heroes. But…. that isn't to say, they haven't been a part of something far greater than themselves. Apart, both of these opposing but integrated groups have been part of a dastardly game, one known simply… as SGRUB. In both cases it went into the hellpits… with one little Tyrant sending the demise of her group to it's knees, the only survivor sent back to the past and present being a lavenderblood by the name of Cluumi Pisque…bloody and broken, missing an eye. On the other side, in a fit of passion where a fight with one too many….demons.. did not go so well as planned, a Seer of Time and Lord of Space send a group back in time as well…. a time into the present day, three sweeps after they had left. At their head stands the slave boy who brought them all together and remained to the end… Mantos Velnio. As he and Cluumi met, and fell in love…. so too did they unite their friends and family together. And that, you see… is where our story really begins.

The Hereafter (soon to be renamed):

Still going strong long after they met, Mantos and Cluumi now relinquish their titles as the heroes of their story to a new generation… their children. Born into the human term of 'wedlock', Miquos Velnio and Maluei Pisque are quite the eclectic pair. They and their friends make up the hereafter, among those such as the Beloved's own children… and those children of the Parea Nakama's friends, as well as those from… even times before. Their story is unknown yet…. but surely as these children grow it shall be good!

Oblique Peak:

A strange town in a strange place, supposedly a tourist destination that not a single person has heard of….. Oblique Peak is a town that destroys all hope. You struggle, and you struggle… you reach for your peak, for your top. But always will those ambitions fall to your utterly worst nightmare. A coma-victim, Janet Carrie Rivers, finds herself here with her nurse and dearest friend, a young man known as Aaron Elliot Isaac Lawrie. This town seems out to kill them…. but what's really going on? *Original Story!*


He's an amnesiac with no history of who he is, except for singularly his name. She's an ex-mechanic who left her town behind. Unoticing of each other, both built their homes in a desert, she upon a tall canyon cliff…. and he in the midst of the vast desert, near a bamboo forest and the further oasis. When she sees his 'palace', she doesn't know how she missed it…. but she sneaks in to explore what could be a temple- and meets a silent man who doesn't seem to know how to speak, but to listen. This is the story of Cassanova Emirrsil, and Dulmitri Halbinks. *Minecraft OC's!*

The Reisende:

To all of my children in whom Life flows abundant, to all of my children whom Death hath passed his judgement…. The soul yearns for honor, and the flesh the hereafter… Look to those who walked before to lead those who walked after.  The Reisende is such a strange group, mixed of so many people from so many backgrounds…. all of Eorzea's races are present, Rodaegyn, Miqo'te, Lalafell, Hyur and Elezen all, and though a strange group do these adventurers make… there's no denying them their spotlight as some of Eorzea's finest company. ….In time.

Thanks for tuning in, Artificiary signing off! Please again, stop by and enjoy!

...So... I've Got Some News.

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 7:49 PM

usin my tablet, about five minutes from for the first time having freetime in who knows how long, finishing commissions. and my tablet.
now i know the last three or so times i've gotten to use it since school started its been weird and i've had to wiggle it to get the cord to work and have it even turn on.
...and then it stopped. won't turn on. doesn't matter how i wiggle it.

so i called Wacom. and yeah that port is broken. MIGHT be repairable. might. 
it'll get sent in really soon. but it will be up to 3 months before i get it back.
so that. it. sucks. kind of a lot. ...yeah.


animosityArisen's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello wandering children of the deviantArt. I'm Kayla, once known as Thief-of-Heart.

What you perchance just stumbled upon, even I am not too sure. Art and writing I suppose. And a couple awkward, insecure rants thrown in here and there. Please, stop by a few moments, comment on some things. There's nothing I love more than connecting with the community- especially if there's some nice little constructive criticism going around.

Have fun, stay safe, and don't trust internet strangers for the love of god.

Arreviderci with Love,
~Kayla (AA)

Just Curious. Would you all be interested in me doing actual fanart? 

12 deviants said Ye
2 deviants said fuck no



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